Publish Widget

Boost POW Publish is a simple way to Boost content on your website. It is a reference publisher implementation to Boost content.

Currently supported wallets are Money Button and RelayX.

The simplest Boost POW Publish usage looks like this:

// in HTML
<script src=""></script>

// in javascript{
	// content: 'optional content to initialize',
	// content: '4d0295d207f3a00d73f069fc4aa5e06d3fe98d565af9f38983c0d486d6166a09', // txid
	/* outputs: [
			to: "18YCy8VDYcXGnekHC4g3vphnJveTskhCLf", amount: 0.0004, currency: 'BSV'
	// tag: 'bitcoin',
	// category: 'B',  // defaults to 'B' underneath.
	// showTagField: true, // defaults to true
	// showCategoryField: false, // defaults to false
	// diffMultiplier: 0.00002, // defaults to 0.00002
	// displayMessage: 'Boost this', // set to empty string to disable
	// showContentPreview: true, // Whether to show content preview or not
	onPayment: function(payment, boostJobStatus) {
		console.log(payment, boostJobStatus);

The boostPublish object

Including the Boost POW Publisher embed on your makes boostPublish available on the browser's window object. It has one asynchronous method, open that resolves with a payment object upon a successful payment and throws if there was an error. open returns undefined if the payment was canceled.

Available options:


Optional content to initialize with. Leave empty to allow user to set it.


Optional tag to initialize with. Leave empty to allow user to set it.


An array containing a list of output ojects. Each output object may have the following properties:

  • to: (string) - bitcoin address
  • amount: (number) - amount of bitcoin (BSV)
  • script: (string) - valid bitcoin script using ASM format


Optional category to initialize with. Leave empty to default to 'B'


Whether to attempt to resolve txid to a B file (image, video, pdf, etc)


Optional showCategoryField whether to show category field or not.


Optional showTagField whether to show tag field or not.


Optional diffMultiplier to set how much to charge per difficulty unit. Default: 0.00002


Optional displayMessage to show user. Defaults to 'What's Boost?' text if not set.


A function that is called after a successful payment


A function that is called when an error occurs during the payment


Additional properties passed into moneybutton.


Additional propeties passed into relayx